WP1 – User requirements, needs and service concepts

The objective of this work package is to identify relevant user communities, select a user requirements collection and analysis methodology and collect and analyze user  requirements regarding the i-Light project context.

  • T1.1 – Creation of a stakeholder communications plan
  • T1.2 – Stakeholder effective consultation
  • T1.3 – Prior art search
  • T1.4 – Definition of user requirements
  • T1.5 – Definition of functional requirements
  • T1.6 – Definition of the project verification and validation plan

WP2 – System design, development and integration

WP2 aims to design the electrical and mechanical characteristics of the lighting unit, to integrate the sensors (presence, temperature, gases, light, humidity), the processing core, and communications (wired and wireless) in the i-Light unit, to develop a tracking and
ambient monitoring mechanism.

  • T2.1 – Architecture design
  • T2.2 – Design and development of the i-Light unit
  • T2.3 – Indoor tracking mechanism design and development
  • T2.4 – Ambient awareness
  • T2.5 – Testing and validation

WP3 – i-Light middleware and software development

WP3 will be devoted to the design and implementation of the logical layer of the i-Light platform, that is, the development of the required algorithms, methods, and procedures that shape the i-Light functionality in terms of data acquisition, processing, and communications, including IEEE 11073 interfacing.

  • T3.1 – Middleware services
  • T3.2 – Development of software tools

WP4 – Pilot site demonstration

WP4 aims to test the solution in a real environment and collect real usage feedback from the user roles involved in the project as well as to perform technical validation of the project’s results and consequently refining the applicable components.

  • T4.1 – Deployment of the User Driven Test Beds
  • T4.2 – Users real usage testing and validation
  • T4.3 – Outcome technical validation and refinement

WP5 – Standardization, communication, dissemination, training and market exploitation

WP5 aims to perform project standardization by actively cooperating with the corresponding standardization bodies, plan dissemination, training and capability development, community
events, perform and sustain the commercial exploitation of the project and of the project’s results.

  • T5.1 – Dissemination and communication planning and activities
  • T5.2 – Active cooperation with corresponding standardization bodies
  • T5.3 – Business Framework
  • T5.4 – Assets and IPR management

WP6 – Project Management and Coordination

The management, dissemination and exploitation WP is coordinated by Innovatec.

  • T6.1 – Administrative and contractual project management
  • T6.2 – Financial project management
  • T6.3 – Work plan management
  • T6.4 – Project meetings management
  • T6.5 – Overall quality and risk control